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Smart Energy

NATO Declarations, Communiques & Key Note Speeches

Brussels Summit Declaration, 12 July 2018

Extract of paragraph 78: "We will also further improve the energy efficiency of our military forces, including through the use of sustainable energy sources, when appropriate."

Warsaw Summit Declaration, 9 July 2016

Allied Nations declared ...

Paragraph 135: "Energy developments can have significant political and security implications for Allies and the Alliance, as demonstrated by the crises to NATO’s east and south.  A stable and reliable energy supply, the diversification of import routes, suppliers and energy resources, and the interconnectivity of energy networks are of critical importance and increase our resilience against political and economic pressure.  While these issues are primarily the responsibility of national governments and other international organisations NATO closely follows the security implications of relevant energy developments and attaches particular importance to diversification of energy supply in the Euro-Atlantic region.  We will therefore further enhance our strategic awareness in this regard, including through sharing intelligence and through expanding our links with other international organisations such as the International Energy Agency and the EU, as appropriate.  We will consult and share information on energy security issues of particular concern to Allies and the Alliance, with a view to providing a comprehensive picture of the evolving energy landscape, concentrating on areas where NATO can add value.  We will also continue to develop NATO’s capacity to support national authorities in protecting critical infrastructure, as well as enhancing their resilience against energy supply disruptions that could affect national and collective defence, including hybrid and cyber threats.  In this context, we will include energy security considerations in training, exercises, and advance planning.  We will continue to engage with our partner countries where appropriate.  We will further improve the energy efficiency of our military forces through establishing common standards, reducing dependence on fossil fuels, and demonstrating energy-efficient solutions for the military. Today we have noted a progress report on NATO’s role in energy security. We task the Council to further refine NATO’s role in accordance with established principles and guidelines, and to produce a progress report for our next Summit."

Wales Summit Declaration, 5 September 2014

Allied Nations declared ...

Extract of paragraph 109: "We will [...] continue to work towards significantly improving the energy efficiency of our military forces, and in this regard we note the Green Defence Framework. We will also enhance training and education efforts, continue to engage with partner countries, on a case-by-case basis, and consult with relevant international organisations, including the EU, as appropriate."

Chicago Summit Declaration, 20 May 2012

Allied Nations declared ...

Extract of paragraph 52: "[...] we will work towards significantly improving the energy efficiency of our military forces [...]."


Standardization Documents

Standardization documents are under preparation.