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NATO Library: Book Talk - "Legacy of the Cold War"

Book Talk: “Legacy of the Cold War: Perspectives on Security, Cooperation, and Conflict" - 13 November 2014

On 13 November 2014, Professor Vojtech Mastny presented his last book "Legacy of the Cold War" to a NATO audience. 

This book is written by Vojtech Mastny, Zhu Liqun, Mark Kramer, Malcolm Byrne, Willlem van Eekelen, Lawrence S. Kaplan, Vincent Keating, William R. Keylor, Lorenz Lthi, Robert J. McMahon, Daniel Mckli, Andreas Wenger, Nicholas Wheeler and Huang Yuxing. Dr. Huang Yuxing participated also in the presentation. Both authors were introduced by Dr. Jamie Shea (NATO), who chaired the event.

In 'The Legacy of the Cold War' the editors bring together scholars to examine the worldwide effects of the Cold War. Rather than focusing on just Europe, Asia, or North America, this collection examines all three regions with equal weight. Historians, political scientists, and international relations scholars explore alliances and other security measures during the Cold War and how they carry over into the twenty-first century.

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