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Conference Report

The NATO Emerging Security Challenges Division teamed up with Carnegie Europe to organize the conference The World in 2020 – Can NATO Protect Us? The Challenges to Critical Infrastructure.

Threats to critical infrastructure, such as cyber attacks international terrorism and attacks on energy supply, can be devastating to the livelihoods of modern societies and cannot be met by military means alone. The conference with renowned speakers from NATO, academia and national administrations discussed NATO’s role in meeting security challenges to critical infrastructure.

The conference report can be downloaded here:


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From the Improving NATO capabilities topic page:

NATO has been engaged in continuous and systematic transformation for many years to ensure that it has the policies, capabilities, and structures required, in the changing international security environment, to deal with current and future challenges, including of course the collective defence of its members. With Allied forces engaged in operations and missions across several continents, the Alliance needs to ensure that its armed forces remain modern, deployable and sustainable.

The Alliance’s 2010 Strategic Concept sets out NATO’s strategic priorities and defines the Organization’s vision of Euro-Atlantic security for the next decade. It provides an analysis of the strategic environment and a framework for all Alliance capability development planning disciplines and intelligence, identifying the kinds of operations the Alliance must be able to perform and setting the context for in which capability development takes place.

Please see the full topic page for more information on improving NATO capabilities, including: "Meeting immediate and long-term challenges", "Understanding the procedures", "The bodies involved in decision-making", and "The development of capabilities over time".

This LibGuide is intended to provide a few starting points to assist you with your research on issues related to NATO transformation with a focus on NATO capabilities. In addition to resources on the subjects at hand, this LibGuide also includes information that touches upon related issues such as defence spending -- or more precisely, better spending -- during a time of financial crisis, which the former Secretary General termed as Smart Defence:

“I know that in an age of austerity, we cannot spend more. But neither should we spend less. So the answer is to spend better. And to get better value for money. To help nations to preserve capabilities and to deliver new ones. This means we must prioritise, we must specialise, and we must seek multinational solutions. Taken together, this is what I call Smart Defence.”

Former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen
30 September 2011

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