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Missile Defence: Home


When searching for information on this topic, potentially useful keywords to use include :

  • missile defence
  • anti-ballistic missile (ABM)
  • intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM)
  • theatre or tactical ballistic missile (TBM)

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In addition to sources found on the internet (e.g. websites, news & blogs, reports, etc.), a select number of articles and books available from the NATO Multimedia Library have been included in this guide. These sources of information are by no means a comprehensive collection. The selection criteria was based on the sources' currency and relevancy to this topic.

Furthermore, quick search boxes for online databases subscribed by the Library (available to staff working at NATO HQ) as well as links to the library catalog are available for you to locate additional resources.


This LibGuide is intended to provide a few starting points to assist you with your research on issues related to missile defence, in particular in the NATO context.

Good places to start your research include :

      "Today, I'd like to cover a few areas where I think missile defense and NATO intersect:  

  • First, the threat environment:  Why missile defense is so important.  And why our Allies agree that NATO needs missile defense. 
  • Second, the momentous decisions taken at NATO's Lisbon Summit.  And, more specifically, what President Obama and 27 other NATO Leaders agreed there.  
  • And third, how we are moving forward with missile defense at NATO, and with Russia."