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Maritime Security: Home


When searching for information on this topic, potentially useful keywords to use include :

  • sea piracy
  • counter piracy
  • maritime terrorism

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This LibGuide includes links to content found on the web (e.g. websites, news & blogs, reports, etc.) as well as a select number of articles and books available from the NATO Multimedia Library.

Please note that this is not a comprehensive collection of material on maritime security. The selection criteria for the websites and documents included was based on each item's currency and relevancy to this topic. 

Furthermore, quick search boxes for online databases subscribed by the Library (available to staff working at NATO HQ) as well as links to the library catalog are available for you to locate additional resources.


This LibGuide is intended to provide a few starting points to assist you with your research on issues related to maritime security. That is, issues concerning sea piracy as well as maritime terrorism.

Information about current maritime security operations:

According to the ACO, NATO Forces in Operation Ocean Shield included (Operation Ocean Shield concluded on 15 Dec 2016):
  • TCG GIRESUN – Turkey
  • HDMS ABSALON – Denmark
  • ITS GRECALE – Italy
  • RFA FORT VICTORIA – United Kingdom
  • USS DEWERT - United States of America
  • USS CARNEY – United States of America
  • Challenger 640 Aircraft - Denmark

Some good places to start your research are: